Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Jade vs G – Star - Blonde Bomb Belters

        Christmas Catfight available to purchase!

G – Star looks so small in comparison to Jade’s huge tits when she takes her bra off and unleashes her boob bombs. Seasoned fans know that big tits are no guarantee of success during a catfight at all. Although from a fan’s point of view there are still good to see. From an owner’s point of view their good to sticking your opponent’s face until she can breathe no more. To incredibly sexy blondes fighting it out, what more could you fans want for Christmas?

                                    The girls are getting nasty!

                   Jade has an evil thought going through her head!

                                               PLEASE PURCHASE THIS CATFIGHT HERE!

Classic: Jinx vs Killer Sex (1st attempt) full fight is 112 WMV or High Definition

                                             Who you looking at?

If looks could kill....

Monday, 8 December 2014

The Catz Review – devilishly exciting 100% real topless catfighting

The Catz Review: it’s our mission to push the boundaries and bring you devilishly exciting 100% real rules topless/nude catfighting!

I think it’s fair to say that The Catz Review & Catfighting UK have stuck to their mission over the last few years and delivered real women in real fights. We've produced so many terrific catfights throughout 2015 that we can’t possibly have any more to offer? Wrong, G – Star is desperate to get back in to action. I thought I would be cruel and put the sexy little blonde against a giant, sexy, busty blonde who is 5’8” tall and over 130 lbs in weight!

                                                Fans, meet Jade –

These 2 sexy blondes will be going head-to-head in a real catfight sometime before Christmas. Obviously one of these ladies is going to get an ass whipping. Will poor little G – Star gets squashed to death by Jade’s giant melons? Or will the experience of G - Star see the little feisty blonde through to victory??

                                          Jade vs G - Star

Stay tuned for more info on top catfight’s here in the UK. All our fights are available to be purchased from our official clips4sale website - 

You’re a sexy lady and you fancy having a go at a catfight but don’t know how to go about getting in contact? Simply go to our Twitter, or our Yahoo group, and contact me through them. 

An interview with Ulyana –

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Roxy vs Killer Sex: Real Rules Catfight – Released - but where do I purchase this catfight??

  The meat tenderiser that is Roxy gets to grips with Killer Sex!!!

Roxy who likes to think of herself as a She Man goes into her 1st catfight as the underdog. If there’s one thing I've learnt in this business is that, anyone can beat anyone on any given day. So as far as I’m concerned, Roxy has as good a chance as anyone of winning this catfight, especially with her superior weight advantage. 

                                               KILLER SEX


Both ladies start off by testing out one another’s reactions with a long-range slaps. Then, almost simultaneously, they grab each other’s hair and go straight down onto the mats where both ladies rolled around trying to be the 1st to get the upper hand on the other. Surprisingly this is something that Roxy eventually achieves. Killer Sex is immediately on the defensive. Unable to stop Roxy from tweaking her nipples, Killer Sex squirms desperately to get back into the fight. This is something that becomes an uphill struggle once Roxy mounts Killer Sex and uses her weight advantage. 

By the end of the 1st round Killer Sex was relieved to still be in this catfight against a lady who should probably be in the super middleweight category. Roxy ‘s stance is more like that of a boxer who has over stretched herself at the beginning of the fight as she gets caught by Killer Sex on the way in to take the Spanish sensation down at the beginning of the 2nd round.

The audacity of Killer Sex to grab Roxy’s thong and give the new lady a wedge completely throws Roxy temporarily out of her stride. Back on top, with her thong stretch so far that it is as high as her head, Roxy regains the initiative and continues to tenderise her opponent. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE THIS TERRIFIC CATFIGHT and find out if the self-proclaimed She Man is victorious, or whether the Spanish sensation knows a few too many tricks for the green head powerhouse that is, Roxy.

"I must confess I was not a big KS fan when she first arrived on scene.....but she has definitely won me over......what I like about her is even though she is fierce in the ring.....her interviews show a very sweet and kind side that I find most sexy......she has been in more than a few tough fights over the past couple years but she always manages a smile at the end......despite all of her body markings which could lead one to the notion she thought she is a real bad ass.....I think she is in reality a pretty classy lady......this most recent fight definitely showed her courage at taking on a tough cookie with a definite weight advantage......but her experience got her through......well done...."

Another classic catfight under the spotlight - Chantelle vs Toony: in my catfights the ladies are required to trim their nails. This is something that Toony failed to do. After a heated discussion we turned round to Chantelle and asked her what she wanted to do, she said, “let’s just get on with it.” The rest is history as they say.


                                                                                  CHANTELLE  VS TOONY (080 - WMV)

Breast mauling

Monday, 24 November 2014

The best catfight’s in the world just get better - Catz Review & Catfighting

    Top fights to come - classic fights from the  past

There’s a pretty good chance this December we could see the new lady (Roxy) in action against one of our top ladies. Roxy is tough and not exactly shy. I know she’s hoping to make a big impact on the middleweight title and would love to destroy 1 or 2 reputations in the process. My personal opinion is that Roxy is a natural fighter. Whether she is good enough to destroy the likes of Killer Sex & G –Star in open combat still remains to be seen. Keep checking our clips4sale store for our next latest release as it’s likely to be a top fight. It’s good to know that the best catfight produced by The Catz Review just get better.

                                            Roxy vs Killer Sex!?

Before I give you any more information on what to expect this December/January, I thought it would be good to have a look at some of our catfight stars from the not too distant past – 

Famous for her catfight’s with Hurricane & others



                                                                Jess (the body) 

                                                                     Jinx vs Jess

                                                                                                 The Boss

The Boss vs Rocket




                                                                  Heaven vs Boudicca

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Catfight Video interviews + Nikita!

                          Rising new catfight stars and action for 2015!

What has Catfighting UK & The Catz Review got in store for you fans in 2015? Well we have a sexy, powerful new lady by the name of, Nikita who is extremely keen to learn how to be a top catfighter. Nikita will definitely be one of several new ladies to look out for in 2015. Not forgetting the green haired powerhouse that is Roxy (who describes herself as a bit of a she-man because of her muscles) who will be taking on our best fighters over the coming months. And all this is just a small taste of what you fans have in store for 2015!

                                            NEW CATFIGHTER - NIKITA -

Good physique, but can she fight?

                                                                                          KAT - Ref

                                       Catfighting UK Video interview - KAT

                              Catfight Video interview – G - STAR 

Friday, 7 November 2014

Are you brave enough to purchase this semi naked catfight?

   Gladiatorial ladies with a wicked fighting style!

G - Star vs Killer Sex: both ladies are well-known for their wicked fighting style, and both ladies bring their very best aggressive tactics to this enthralling encounter between these 2 gladiatorial type ladies. They fight like to evil banshees determined to pull their opponent around the mat by their hair. Their semi-naked bodies are intertwined like they are one as they both desperately struggle to gain the upper hand in this desperate catfight that encapsulate the modern gladiatorial woman of today. 

                                                       G - Star dishing it out!           

This is hard-core aggressive action all the way through. This is no quarter asked and no quarter given in an even fight that both ladies desperately want to win, or dare not lose. This is what The Catz Review produces best…… Are you brave enough to purchase??

Two ferocious ladies, one fight, one winner, you!

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Catfighting UK - England vs Spain - Blonde vs brunette

                    G - Star Demands the Right to Prove That She Is the Best!

G - Star is desperate to hunt down Killer Sex and claim the middleweight title in what is likely to be an extremely nasty, bitchy affair. Since G - Star has put on a few pounds and returned to The Catz Review she has been in an incredibly mean and bitchy mood. The sexy glamour puss not only loves showing off her gorgeous curvy body, but more importantly, she just loves destroying other fighter’s reputations and dreams!

                                                                     G – Star - gorgeous curvy blonde

Killer Sex is a very cool and calm lady who genuinely enjoys the art of catfighting. I can only recall our sexy Spanish sensation losing 2 fights thus far. And I believe both those were against the now retired, Kat. If, when this catfight happens, it should be a fight for fans of real rules catfighting to savour. As far as English produces go, Catzreview has a habit of delivering top catfight’s on a consistent basis. So yes our English blonde bitch should get a shot at our Spanish sensation as she moves up into the middleweight title division.

                                           Killer Sex - Spanish sensation

Is our English blonde bitch ready to take on Spanish sensation in the middleweight title division?

This and future catfight’s will be available in MPEG 4 (better video quality)