Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Catz Review Title Catfight

BUYNOW: Rebel vs Killer Sex – Middleweight Title Fight! 

England vs Spain kicks off with both ladies trying to slap the other into submission. Each hand can be seen moving at high speed and hitting its target with painful precision. Those poor boobies! We quickly move into round 2, where after a brief struggle, Killer Sex crumples beneath a determined Rebel who continues with her onslaught. Round 3 is where we see a reversal in fortunes, so much so that Killer Sex thinks she has won the fight...

Rebel vs Killer Sex Preview -

A row breaks out. After things have settled down we continue into what turned out to be round 4. Rebel reluctantly apologises as a couple of stray hand shots connect with her opponent’s face during their tussle back down onto the mat.

Challenger – Rebel: 5’6” tall, 128 lbs, and a dress size 10.

Champion – Killer Sex: 5’6” tall, 
125 lbs, and a dress size 10.

During the fight itself it’s obvious that breasts have been slapped and that breasts have been squeezed in this 22 minute epic catfight. The intensity was such that no quarter was asked and that no quarter was given. This is a particular brutal catfight which is not for those of you who are squeamish. I cannot imagine 2 such beautiful women giving any more in a fight. 

Did Rebel rip the title away from Killer Sex? Or did the Spanish sensation see off her English challenger? If you love catfights then this is definitely one you will not want to miss!

An excellent catfight that fans of the real thing will want to add to their collection!

"O M G just watched the fight definitely up there as one of the best fights of the year plenty respect firstly to the ladies one lady i thought her tits must be made out of steel the amount of slaps she took i thought they were gona get knocked off her body along with the hair pulls ponytails their necks must hurt for days after well done girls. As for Catz Review you done it again James plenty angles crisp footage and a well produced fight made in Britain. Keep up the good work James."

Friday, 13 November 2015

Sponsors Catfight Heaven!


If you are a sponsor then you will be glad to know that you will be able to download your movie (Rebel vs Killer Sex) from this website very soon along with a blow by blow description.

Killer Sex Warming up

To login all you need is to click on the “login” sign on the top right-hand side of the website using your specified Email Address and Password you gave when you originally paid your $17.

As you can see both ladies have donated the thongs they wore during their catfight to you sponsors. If you would like one or both pairs then please contact me and I will get them posted off to you.

The catfight is 22 over minutes in length. This means that you have nearly 20 minutes of catfight action for your $17! Unfortunately the downside is that, in order to keep the quality, the file size is 900 MB! I know, it will certainly take a while to download, but it will be worth it.

For you fans, it won’t be too long before this marathon catfight will be available in our official clips4sale store. I intend to create a short video preview to help you fans who are interested in purchasing this brutal catfight to make up your mind. 

Catfighting UK - England vs Spain

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Rebel vs Killer Sex – Sunday the 8th of November

Sponsor Catfight – Rebel vs Killer Sex – Sunday the 8th of November

Not long to sponsor the catfight between the 2 incredibly hot ladies named above. For your $17 you will get access to my video website which will contain (within 24 hours of the fight) pre-fight footage in ultra-high-definition & a 30 second snapshot of the fight in 4K + a few selected pics will be available.

Sponsors will also be able to download the full catfight at least 2 weeks before public release.

Our ladies genuinely do appreciate your support.

Click here to either sponsor or to make a donation.

To sponsor you will need to put in your PayPal notes an email address, and a password.

If you are just making a donation, then please just put “Donation.”

New lady: Deadly Nightshade

Updated pics of Skyler –

Skyler has been in some epic catfights – Check them out byclicking on this link

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Real November Catfight - Rebel vs Killer Sex


Yes lucky members of the Catz Review Yahoo group can view all 113 pics at their leisure. The rest of you will just have to make do with what I have put up here on The Catfighting UK blog. Please check out more of the action by clicking on this link.

Round 2

If you’d like to sponsor, what is likely to be a truly memorable catfight this November, (Rebel vs Killer Sex) then please follow the instructions on the page below. Once I have your details then you will be able to access a thirty second excellent high definition piece of footage showing you some highlights of the fight + behind-the-scenes footage, & of course, you will be able to download your version of the catfight in 4K at least 2 weeks before anyone else…… All for only $17! 


Skyler vs G - Star, again by clicking on this link, and of course, Skyler vs Pandora!

There will be more news on what is coming in December & January in our next blog update.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

The Catz Review – Catfight Sponsorship

Rebel vs Killer Sex

Below are some very sexy pics of Pandora & Rebel, Killer Sex, and Skyler & of course, G Star. These ladies fight for real (within the rules) and need your help with sponsorship. We are hoping to film a catfight between Rebel & Killer Sex this November. It will be filmed in the best high-definition & of course 4K. 


Killer Sex

Rebel talks candidly about the prospect of being sponsored by fans.

This is the full version of the Rebel interview!

To see what our ladies have to offer as regards to fighting, please check out our latest release below starring Rebel & Pandora – Rebel vs Pandora

I think you’ll agree that the action is very real, sexy and very brutal. To sponsor the catfight between these Rebel & Killer Sex it will cost you only $17 (£11). Within 48 hours you will get access to a thirty second preview of the fight action. You will also get to see behind-the-scenes footage & you will get the opportunity to download the catfight approximately 2 weeks before general release.

For fighting I am proposing that both ladies wears a sexy little thong & hold up stockings.

Please check out Rebel vs Skyler & Skyler vs G - Star 

When wanting to become a sponsor or you will merely have to do access our Catfighting UK blog and click on the Pay Now Button.

Click on the PayPal button and login to your PayPal account. Where it says: Add special instructions to the seller:” please enter your email address and a password. Any password that is unique to you and is not related to other accounts.

Once I have your email address and password I can add them to my video website –

Using your email address and password you will be able to access our Video Website whenever you wish by clicking on the login details on the top right-hand corner of the Video Websites for a certain amount of times. You will be able to access a video preview of the catfight you are sponsoring & a few weeks before general release you will be able to download the catfight direct from our Video Website!

I must stress that all monies goes to the ladies wages.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Bitch fight!

    Catfight Clip – Rebel vs Pandora - Available for Purchase!

If looks could kill; to say that Rebel does not like Pandora is an understatement. The bitching has stopped; the ladies have completed their interviews. A very nervous Rebel takes off her dressing gown and her bra, as does Pandora albeit with a little bit more composure. Instructions are given and both ladies stand in the middle of the mat staring at one another waiting for further instructions.



Fight….! Rebel goes steaming in and takes Pandora down onto the mat, where she immediately demands that Pandora should submit! Our sexy little brunette is having none of it and unleashes some devastating hand slaps to her opponent, who returns the favour in kind. Pandora goes for a submission move bringing her opponent’s face into her pussy. The way Rebel escapes and rescues the initiative is something that has to be seen. Ponytails get pulled, bodies get slapped, hard, and lipstick gets smudged. And all this happens in the 1st round.

As you can see Rebel has 2 ponytails



The 2nd round starts with both ladies exchanging stinging slaps. Quickly one of these beauties seizes the initiative and takes her opponent down onto the mat by their hair and unleashes some stinging slaps. Nipples get tweaked in this attack vs counter-attack scenario. By this stage both ladies are quite heavily marked. Pandora tells her opponent in no uncertain terms where Rebel should not be pulling her hair from. At this stage the fight looks like it’s a 50-50, until one lady manages to get on top of the other - there’s a yelp and then several demand for a submission! 

Legs & knows how to use them!

All good things come to an end, but who won??

“Yet another outstanding catfight between 2 very beautiful, tough, determined ladies who both want to prove how tough they are....action starts fast and does not let up....James at CATZR is taking the all real no nonsense catfighting model to a whole new level.....both of these ladies could be Playmate models and yet they tear into each other with every intention of doing damage to their opponents naughty parts......a true classic! Well done James!”