Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Hot Blonde vs Brunette Catfight Clip!

Coming March – Cindy vs Skyler - Topless Submission Catfight

Cindy vs Skyler should be another fantastic catfight featuring a beautiful blonde & an equally beautiful brunette. The Catz Review prides itself on pushing the boundaries and bringing you more and more devilishly exciting 100% real catfights (within the rules) which this will of course be another example of a devilishly exciting catfight!



Cindy is new to The Catz Review but she is a supremely confident young lady, so much so that to her winning is merely a formality. Skyler has had to take some severe punishment ever since she joined our elite little band of fighting women, but she is nothing but determined, and always gives 100% no matter who she is up against. 


I gave Cindy the Super Vixen vs G – Star catfight to watch. When she had confirmed that he had indeed watched this humiliating naughty catfight, I just knew the young lady would use some of the tactics employed by G - Star in that particular fight to her advantage.

This should be a fair fight: Cindy is 5’5” tall and a dress size 8 to 10. Skyler is around 5’7” tall and a dress size 8. Crucially, they are both approximately the same weight, so whoever wins this catfight will be a very worthy winner! Will it be the blonde or the brunette?

A Test Template

This catfight will be available in 720p. There is the possibility that it could also be available in 4K depending on the file size. 

Friday, 22 January 2016

Spring catfight hotties!

Possible Crutch Grabbing Catfights of 2016!

The prospect of a hot catfight this spring, featuring Rebel & Killer Sex in a naughty rematch where there opponent’s pussy is fair game should be enough to make all you men (and some ladies) very hot this spring. So let’s make this clear: crutch grabbing will be a legal move. It is an inevitable that one of these two incredibly sexy, feisty ladies will lose more than just the catfight.


Of course if it does take place and it will be a sponsored catfight that would be produced by The Catz Review: the producers of genuinely brutal topless/nude submission catfight’s right here in the UK. Let’s hope that the ladies can agree terms so that we can get this middleweight title catfight rematch on! Of course you sponsors can help by pledging your support. An increase in wages always helps.


G – Star is back to hopefully restore her reputation. The sexy blonde is likely to be back in action in a big fight this summer. Guest fighter Cindy is another supremely confident blonde who believes she has what it takes to make our ladies squeal! Skyler has an unholy alliance with Scarlett, another new lady. 



In the summer there is the prospect of a four way catfight! Of course, against the ladies would have to agree terms, and there’s no guarantee that all the ladies would be willing to participate in what could be a very brutal and humiliating catfight festival. Again, sponsorship would be the way to go with this type of fight to ensure that the losing ladies have decent pay.



                                                         SCARLETT & SKYLER


Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Free catfight preview – Blonde vs Brunette


This rematch is very similar in many respects to the 1st catfight between these 2 hot & feisty young ladies. For a start there is one lady who completely dominates the other, as well as nudity. Just in round one we have bad language and nipple tweaks, and of course wedges which in this case reveal the dominant lady’s modesty.

Hold up Stockings

At the start of the 2nd round Skyler has a go at initiating her, killer pussy move, but unfortunately for her, G – Star manages to escape by throwing her opponent off and turning the fight into a temporary 50-50 match.


G - Star

Round 3 begins very similar to the 1st round in respect that one lady dominates the other and uses verbal language to taunt her stricken opponent. It’s also worth noting that the language is very offensive. An example: “Get the fuck up now, you stupid bitch!” The lady on the receiving end of this torrent of abuse ends up screaming in agony and eventually is forced to tap out!

Yet another very brutal encounter between these 2 feisty young pups, which contains extremely offensive language & intermittent nudity throughout!

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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Blonde vs brunette - 2 Ladies go to war!?

Coming January – G – Star vs Skyler - The Rematch?

Skyler vs G – Star - The Rematch: anyone who has seen the 1st encounter between Skyler & G Star will know that one of them got humiliated in the 1st fight. To say that revenge is in the eyes of one of these 2 ladies is an understatement. But whether she has what it takes to defeat her opponent and regained a bit of pride, is something that remains to be seen.

Everybody knows that most of our catfights contain at least partial nudity, as well as 100% real action. Let’s hope we get another exceptional catfight from these 2 feisty ladies. There is likely to be some very aggressive verbal language as well is nudity, so if you are easily offended then this catfight will probably not be for you.



The catfight featuring Rebel & Pandora in their rematch has been updated with more pics of the fight action - please check out the page below. 

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More news: Chantelle Fox vs Mercy can now be found on our clips4sale store – 094

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Christmas Catfight – The Catz Review


Rebel vs Pandora is a slightly different catfight than what we usually produce here at The Catz Review. For a start both ladies start off with cropped tops, instead of just topless. Many of you fans will hopefully find this style very erotic.


With very serious expressions and nervous anticipation, both ladies make their way to the middle of the mat. When I say “fight” both ladies take a step back before engaging in some pretty damn brutal slaps before tumbling to the ground. If Pandora had a game plan then I think it went out of the window when Rebel decided to mount her and use her weight advantage to keep the little sex kitten well and truly under control. 

Little Pandora tried everything; with Rebels pointy nipples sticking through her slashed cropped top Pandora did not waste a 2nd in trying to distract her opponent by squeezing her tits. Unfortunately for Pandora, Rebel just retaliated. In desperation she tries a wedge but again Rebel just retaliates with a wedge of her own which tears Pandora’s panties in half and leaves the sexy heroine partially naked, for a few seconds at least.

Round 2 starts with Pandora being stalked again around the mat by the much taller, would-be middleweight title holder, which is of course Rebel. In desperation Pandora grabs her opponent’s hair & once again both ladies collapsed on the floor.

Did little Pandora find a way to use those incredibly talented and powerful legs of hers to crush the life out of her arch nemesis and grab victory? Or did Rebel continue to toy with the helpless sex kitten until she submitted?

97 PIC'S

Rebel vs Pandora – the 1st encounter

Rebel vs Skyler - Preview