Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Coming Mid October – New Catfight Clip – Rebel vs Pandora

Two Incredibly Beautiful Brunettes fight for you!

Rebel vs Pandora: ever since Rebel clapped eyes on the equally beautiful Pandora she has wanted to beat this sexy brunette into submission in a catfight on the mats here at The Catz Review. I don’t know why Rebel dislikes Pandora so much, but it’s obvious from her video interview that she despises the natural beauty & her wonderfully pointed nipples. 

Pandora just sees Rebel as another larger new lady who will feel the power of her legs/thighs & ultimately submit to her, barely covered, pussy.

Rebel does have a height & weight advantage. Pandora has experience & lightning speed that bemuses most opponents. Which 1 of these 2 incredibly beautiful brunettes will beat the other in a 100% real rules, topless, submission catfight?

Lets go!

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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

2 Hot chicks to fight!??

WOW what a catfight; are you prepared to sponsor such a fight??

There’s no 2 ways about it, Pandora & Rebel are 2 incredibly sexy (not to mention hot) brunettes who could possibly meet in a 100% real rules topless catfight sometime soon. Pandora is renowned for her ferocity and merciless submissions she extracts out of her opponent’s, not to mention her stunning beauty, not just in her interviews and pics, but when fighting. New lady, Rebel is arguably as equally stunning. She is also a natural beauty with a ruthless fighting style.  In fact many of you fans will argue long into the night as to which is the hottest chick to have ever graced The Catz Review & Catfighting UK. I’m sure if we were to run a poll on our blog it would probably end up 50-50. But as you dedicated catfight fans know, we do not do beauty contests. What we do is 100% real rules topless catfighting & you fans are going to have to get your heads around the fact that these 2 stunners will be meeting in the middle of The Catz Cauldron hopefully sometime soon!

Rebel                                                                                       Pandora

I think these images emphasise the stunningly beautiful of both ladies.

Please do not think for one moment I am taking anything away from the incredible beauty that is the tenacious, Skyler or even the sexy blonde ruthless bitch that is G – Star, nor the very mysterious beauty that is our reigning champion, Killer Sex. All are stunners in their own right. But at the moment, it’s possibly Rebel vs Pandora that fans need to concentrate on. What a catfight; would you fans be prepared to sponsor such a fight??

In the not too distant future proper sponsorship will be required as we upgrade to excellent high quality catfight action.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Top UK Catfight’s

Screaming banshees - Rebel vs Skyler - Released & available to purchase

Rebel is a relative new be to us here at The Catz Review/Catfighting UK. This strikingly beautiful brunette is an incredibly fast learner, and although understandably nervous, she goes into this catfight against Skyler as if she has been fighting all her life.


After the mandatory disrobing these 2 incredibly beautiful & feisty ladies meet in the middle of the mat. I give them the instructions to fight and after a momentary pause, both ladies get stuck into one another. Within seconds they are both fighting on the mat and both struggling for domination. I would have to say that round 1 is pretty even. In round 2 we witness the new lady Rebel stripped naked by her naughty opponent! This doesn’t stop Rebel from taking control of this fight and demanding that Skyler should submit. Skyler has no intention of submitting to the new upstart, and while the new lady attempts a submission move, Skyler takes the opportunity to treat Rebels tits to some extra special vicious attention. Round 3 is as brutal as the 1st; Rebel dominating Skyler who remains defiant, and by this stage, she too is naked. By the way, the hair pulling in this catfight is pretty damn vicious! Skyler seems to have adopted a tactic where she hopes that her opponent runs out of gas and that she can turn the tables on Rebel. In the 4th and final round, both ladies are quite literally dripping with sweat and on their knees. Rebel tries to up the ante with aggressive verbal. This involves her demanding that Skyler should submit. Skyler gets out of her opponent’s hold but does she managed to turn the tables?? 

Let's go!

This is a 4 round epic catfight which witnesses both ladies giving it their all! Skyler’s tactic of trying to let her opponent blow herself out from round 2 on-wards only adds to the drama of this catfight.


Both ladies nude

      The 2nd Round

'Just looking at Rebel I knew she had some fight in her but this exceeded expectations. I HIGHLY recommend this insane brawl!'

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Wednesday, 26 August 2015



Skyler is on a high after her wicked destruction of the legendary G - Star, so she has no qualms about taking on Rebel in a topless submission catfight. Rebel cannot wait to get into the thick of the action and show the fans exactly what she can do.

Skyler would love nothing more than to stick her sweet pussy in Rebels face and force the new sexy brunette to submit. Rebel just wants to get fighting. Like every lady here at The Catz Review she expects to win, as does Skyler. Hopefully this September we shall find out which one of these stunningly beautiful ladies is going to challenge the other ladies. Possibly in a title catfight! Possibly a bit premature as I’m sure the incredibly hot Pandora will have something to say about that!



As you can see both ladies start off in their dressing gowns and then just strip down to hold-up stockings and thongs, something that’s quite common now at the Catfighting UK/Catz Review fights. I wonder if either of them will end up nude!? We can but hope, come on September!!

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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Catz Review Catz - More mean bitches!

Catfighting UK Catfight Star’s

New lady Rebel cannot wait to get stuck into her 1st opponent and become a catfight star. Oozing with confidence the sexy brunette does not seem to be afraid of any of her potential opponents, even though some of them have bags of experience in fighting. She’s been pestering me so much that I will have to give her a fight soon…..

Check out her Catz Review interview –

Pandora is looking absolutely stunning and brimming with confidence. She may be the smallest fighter to have worked with us for some time, but she is a lady who punches well above her weight. Check out her 1st fight with Killer Sex - what an epic encounter!? The sexy little minx promises to be a catfight legend.


Skyler is full ofconfidence and is not afraid to take on any lady regardless of reputation. She is definitely a naughty young lady who is prepared to put off her opponent by any means possible. She would dearly love to beat Pandora. This is something she feels she came pretty close to doing in their rematch. 


G – Star is a veteran compared to all the others put together. From memory I think the young lady started fighting for us at the tender age of 20. Absolutely loves winning and detests losing to anyone. Her ruthless reputation was made when she fought Hot Rocker 2 times. However my personal favourite fight was her encounter with Super Vixen

G - Star

Killer Sex (known as the Spanish sensation) is always ready for a catfight. She’s been involved in some epic catfights with Kat & Jinx & Roxy, G Star and probably 1 or 2 more I have forgotten to mention. Can take some brutal punishment as well is being more than capable of dishing it right back out. I’ve personal favourite fights are of Jinx vs Killer Sex…… the 1st encounter and the rematch of an absolute knockout.

Killer Sex

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Tit mauling, pussy eating catfight clip!

Skyler vs G – Star - NOW available to purchase in our clips4sale store.

Devastatingly brutal, incredibly sexy & that’s just the 1st round. Skyler vs G - Star is a catfight that will fulfill all your dreams and fantasies. Once the ladies have got their kit off, the action is non-stop woman’s vs woman right the way through. In round one we witness vicious hair pulling, grappling & breast mauling. Then, in round 2, one of these incredibly feisty, sexy ladies sets about the other mercilessly. At least 5 attempted submissions using her sweet pussy like a weapon (the now retired Kat would be envious) is just one of the many highlights along with verbal taunts. In round 3 things flip right round; now it’s the turn of the lady who had been receiving so much punishment to give it back with interest. Her opponent is trapped in awkward positions & in a lot of pain. But will she submit??

At the end of this fight both ladies are absolutely drenched in sweat. Even the mats needed a good wipe down afterwards. This only serves as a testament to how much effort both ladies put in to this glorious display of female vs female brutality.

Let’s get nasty!


Nipple tweaks


Skyler in trouble?

It’s a catfight not a rubdown and a shiatsu!

Poll results indicate a 50-50 split on who you fans think has won this catfight. As there is an outright winner I think I may be better asking a different question in the poll section.

If you love catfights then you will love this British real rules topless/nude catfight!

"Great fight! Both girls were truly in it to win it and they were very evenly matched.......a really exciting close competitive catfight.....really great job James! This one is a definite classic......congratulations on this production.......outstanding at many levels.......keep it up!"

Warning: These fights are Very Real and not for the fainthearted!!

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