Monday, 16 March 2015

Hot Sexy Ladies Fighting It out!

           Amateur Ladies & Their Fighting Desire

How did the Spanish sensation become so good at catfighting? Well I think it’s fair to say that the answer lies in this short video of Killer Sex warming up for a top catfight. Notice the demonstration of pure strength. It’s not easy to do that particular move, especially where you are lifting your body up by your hands on a 5 inch thick crash mat! Killer Sex became our middleweight champion because of her desire to fight and become the best.

Killer Sex –

Killer Sex Sexy Stretches by catz_review

Catfight - Killer Sex naughty warm-up by catz_review

Killer Sex - Sexy Stretches from Catz_Review on Vimeo.

If you’d like to know more about Killer Sex than please feel free to click on this link

Young Skyler will be doing something similar to Killer Sex soon. Meanwhile, we have the small matter of which lady to put her against. As you can see by our poll there are several options. Pandora is yet to demonstrate her fighting ability & desire but is very keen to show you fans what she can do in a brutal catfight/bitch fight.

As for Roxy, the sexy green-headed lady just wants to get hold of one of our top ladies and tenderise her like she is nothing more than a piece of squashed meet. Let’s hope that she doesn't end up on the end of a vicious hiding! There is one thing that we can guarantee you here at The Catz Review & Catfighting UK, and that’s the desire of our Hot sexy ladies to fight and win remains undiminished.

For those ladies who are interested in having a go at catfighting, I can assure you that as far as men are concerned, nothing gets a man’s pulse racing like 2 scantily clad ladies fighting!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Topless Submission Catfight – Skyler vs Kat

New Topless Submission Catfight Available for Purchase!

Skyler vs Kat: Skyler is a young sexy redhead who just wants to win her 1st ever catfight. A retired Kat just wants to show you fans one more time just how mean she can be with her killer pussy! This is an incredibly brutal one-sided catfight that witnesses tall Skyler in the fight of her life. Kat goes through the gears and dismantles Skyler in double quick time. By the end of the 1st round the young redhead is battered and naked. At the start of round 2 Skyler throws herself at Kat like a crazed banshee. After a bit of a struggle, Kat regains control and finishes the fight with her trademark pussy in the face, move.

Things are about to kick off!

She did - twice!

Skyler survived her first close encounter. Maybe because Kat was still wearing her knickers at that point, and seemed to be enjoying her dominant position so much that she didn't pull Skylar's face in hard, the way she does when she's really going for the kill.

Kat turnes her head and smiles proudly into the camera as she rides her victim. And as Skyler at last manages to pull her face free, you can see her angrily ripping at Kat's knickers with her teeth!

Skyler resisted some hard hair pulling to make into the second round. But the second attack of the killer pussy - this time fully naked - was too much for her to take.

I hope we see Skyler again. She and Sian, another tall, slender rookie, would be a great match-up.

Kat said in her interview that this was a once only comeback for her. But seeing how much she enjoyed it, I'm hoping she might change her mind about that.

                                             G – Star - Interview 

Poetry by Miss Dynamite

I have one rule
it’s set in stone
it’s cutting and cruel
it rips to the bone

leave them shaking
plead “no more”
the fight in tem braking
as they hit the floor

I feel no guilt
I laugh at remorse
like flowers they wilt
when they feel the force

and after the shame
there’s still smoke still ash
I know I’m too blame
for the pain as lash

but let’s not reject
a cats natural rhythm
she needs to protect
the fight instinct she’s given

a catfighter aggression
is what other femms lack
she will teach you a lesson

beware…. watch your back.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Spring catfight madness

     Retired catfight champ - will Kat get the cream?

This spring sees Kat return in a one-off appearance against our new feisty redhead, Skyler. This will be a topless submission catfight that the retired middleweight champion Kat would not like to lose. Skyler is a tall young lady who is extremely ambitious. Ex-middleweight champ Kat would make a great scalp (excuse the pun) for the sexy redhead. So hopefully we should have all the ingredients for a sexy catfight.



I've no idea if Kat will get the cream. But if she doesn't, then the ambitious Skyler will have no problem in exposing Kat as nothing more than a wet pussy!

Spring catfight madness continues to gather pace with an interview below with our mysterious hot, busty brunette that is of course, PANDORA -

Apologies for thedelay, I am still editing the pic's of the topless submission title catfight between G - Star & Killer Sex - the rematch.

Friday, 13 February 2015


                                                          Fruit & Nut

What’s baking a cake got to do with catfighting? Not a lot really apart from one thing; and that is that they both need the right ingredients. Everyone knows that you can’t just throw the ingredients together and expect to get a delicious tasting cake. A lot like throwing money and the ladies together really. It’s something that needs care and attention in order to get the sponge to rise the way it should do. When producers such as The Catz Review & Catfighting UK produce a catfight they have to think about how they’re going to get your penis to rise. For if we can produce that one thing, that one tasty morsel, then, we are guaranteed to have a successful catfight that you global fans will want to own and hopefully make me some money out of into the bargain.

                                                           MissAttitude vs Kat

To be involved in a hard-core Catz Review catfight does not require you to be a Fruit & Nut cake. Although our ladies come in all shapes and sizes, I do think it’s fair to say that most have cream & yes, possibly a few bits of Fruit & Not inside; that delicious combination of ingredients that makes them popular with fans the world over. 

                                                              Hot Rocker vs G - Star

                                                                   Miss Dynamite

Having finished with that analogy of cakes and catfights, I think it’s time we got back to the real business of catfighting. You can have all the right ingredients for the perfect catfight. That does not necessarily mean that when you put them together you will get the perfect catfight that every man (well most men) dreams of. In some cases the fight can turn out completely different to what you, the producer, and the ladies originally intended. For example there is no guarantee that with real rules catfighting that the favourite will win. She could lose, and she could lose in dramatic style which may result in her retirement. But then isn't that the exciting part of purchasing a Catz Review catfight; the not knowing?? 

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Beautiful busty blonde - catfight clip available to purchase, now!


There is no denying that, Phoebe vs Killer Sex is a one-sided catfight. It is also a different style of catfight than many Catz Review fans will have never seen us produce before. It is different in respect that in this particular catfight has more than one submission. 

Yes, at the beginning Phoebe is outclassed and the beautiful naked blonde is forced to submit pretty quickly. Putting her super-sized tits forward, Phoebe gets stuck in to the fight again and tries desperately to get a foothold in this catfight and make Killer Sex work for her money.

Unfortunately the beautiful Phoebe has never been subjected to such brutal punishment before now. You can watch the hot sexy blonde squirm (naked) beneath Killer Sex as the sexy Spanish lady pics her spot with precision like accuracy!

BUY NOW and watch as one of these beautiful ladies is catapulted by her tits across the mat….. Sheer sexy brutality produced by The Catz Review & Catfighting UK; a small company the produces the big fights for the global market.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Busty Blonde - Catfight Clip To Buy!


Coming February: Phoebe vs Killer Sex in a one-sided blonde vs brunette ass whipping catfight. Phoebe has the body; with large pointed tit’s and a lovely curvy bum, but is her body enough to distract our sexy Spanish middleweight champion from dishing out an eye watering beating to the brave sexy blonde who would really love to win her catfight? How long will Phoebe survive, how much she will have to endure before Killer Sex is finished with the blonde sex goddess that is Phoebe!? 

More pics of the brutal and sexy catfight between G - Star & Killer Sex for you fans to view -

G - Star suffering?

                                                                        What a wedge!

Brute strength!

G - Star vs Killer Sex - The Title (126)

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Hell has no fury like a Catz Review woman on a mission


Skyler is a tall lean sexy fighting machine. This spring/summer Skyler is one of several new ladies hoping to make a massive impact on the catfighting world. The 2nd lady is an incredibly sexy busty brunette by the name of Pandora. At only 5’2” tall, Pandora is a fearsome competitor who would also love to make a massive impact here at The Catz Review (the home of the real rules catfighting throughout the world).

                                                   SKYLER -


We will also have a guest fighter taking on one of our top ladies. Who is she? All I’m prepared to say is she is an incredibly beautiful, sexy busty blonde who has the courage of a lion. More news on that beautiful young lady in the not too distant future………

                                            KAT’S RETURN ?

There have been a lot of rumours that Kat may make a surprise cameo appearance in a one-off catfight for her fans sometime this spring. I am neither going to confirm or deny such rumours, other than to say that anything is possible in the crazy world of Catfighting UK.

G - Star vs Killer Sex is a catfight that has proven to be tremendously popular with fans right across the globe. Members of our Yahoo group will be enjoying the images I add to that fight album throughout the days/weeks as they are quality pics that genuine catfight fans really do appreciate. They no one understand that our fights are real and not raped so it is incredibly difficult to get really good shots of the ladies who are moving at a tremendous rate of knots throughout the fights.

G - Star vs Killer Sex: a rematch for the title wearing stockings and suspenders? Check out the poll at the top of our blog.