Thursday, 29 January 2015

Busty Blonde - Catfight Clips To Buy!


Coming February: Phoebe vs Killer Sex in a one-sided blonde vs brunette ass whipping catfight. Phoebe has the body; with large pointed tit’s and a lovely curvy bum, but is her body enough to distract our sexy Spanish middleweight champion from dishing out an eye watering beating to the brave sexy blonde who would really love to win her catfight? How long will Phoebe survive, how much she will have to endure before Killer Sex is finished with the blonde sex goddess that is Phoebe!? 

More pics of the brutal and sexy catfight between G - Star & Killer Sex for you fans to view -

G - Star suffering?

                                                                        What a wedge!

Brute strength!

G - Star vs Killer Sex - The Title (126)

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Hell has no fury like a Catz Review woman on a mission


Skyler is a tall lean sexy fighting machine. This spring/summer Skyler is one of several new ladies hoping to make a massive impact on the catfighting world. The 2nd lady is an incredibly sexy busty brunette by the name of Pandora. At only 5’2” tall, Pandora is a fearsome competitor who would also love to make a massive impact here at The Catz Review (the home of the real rules catfighting throughout the world).

                                                   SKYLER -


We will also have a guest fighter taking on one of our top ladies. Who is she? All I’m prepared to say is she is an incredibly beautiful, sexy busty blonde who has the courage of a lion. More news on that beautiful young lady in the not too distant future………

                                            KAT’S RETURN ?

There have been a lot of rumours that Kat may make a surprise cameo appearance in a one-off catfight for her fans sometime this spring. I am neither going to confirm or deny such rumours, other than to say that anything is possible in the crazy world of Catfighting UK.

G - Star vs Killer Sex is a catfight that has proven to be tremendously popular with fans right across the globe. Members of our Yahoo group will be enjoying the images I add to that fight album throughout the days/weeks as they are quality pics that genuine catfight fans really do appreciate. They no one understand that our fights are real and not raped so it is incredibly difficult to get really good shots of the ladies who are moving at a tremendous rate of knots throughout the fights.

G - Star vs Killer Sex: a rematch for the title wearing stockings and suspenders? Check out the poll at the top of our blog.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Catfighting UK – Middleweight Title Up for Grabs!


G – Star vs Killer Sex for the middleweight title: the mean and sexy blonde that is G – Star is 100% fit and fired up to rip the middleweight title away from Killer Sex in a savage & brutal way. The middleweight title is simply not enough for G – Star. Beating Killer Sex to a pulp and leaving the sexy Spanish lady squirming underneath her powerful thighs, naked, is what our sexy English blonde intends to do!  Since G – Star has returned to The Catz Review she has been a sadistic bitch. I think this is something her previous victims will testify to!

You can tell these ladies mean business

Sadistic Bitch!

Killer Sex has reached the point where she believes that the middleweight title is hers by right. G – Star is simply an obstacle to her ambition of becoming the most famous Catz Review fighter since Miss Dynamite. Although I think this is more than possible, I do also think that Killer Sex needs to be more of a sadistic bitch in order to outdo the world-famous Miss Dynamite.

                                                           I got you Babe!

Vicious hair pulling action

Until this fight is released no one knows what will happen for sure……… Newsflash: G - Star vs Killer Sex - The middleweight title - IS NOW AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE!

                                                         Is a helpless naked Killer Sex going to submit?

                                                                                Get off my tit!

Two fearsome ladies, one fight, one winner, you!

Clips4sale Store –

Saturday, 27 December 2014


                     G - STAR A CHALLENGER?

It’s obvious that since Kat has retired we have one lady who deservedly should be the new Middleweight Champion. That is of course, Killer Sex. The Spanish sensation has not lost a catfight for some considerable time; in fact, you have to go back to the time that she lost to Kat in that epic catfight for the middleweight title to see Killer Sex lose a fight.

                                                                           G – STAR -


G - Star is in brutal form when it comes to catfighting. The busty blonde has been incredibly vicious ever since she returned to catfighting at the beginning of 2014. The young blonde definitely enjoys inflicting pain on her victims; this is something that is obvious from her facial expressions. Her 1st fight against Killer Sex was a step up for G – Star and she took the opportunity to show fans that she is capable of giving anyone a bloody good fight. But is G - Star a middleweight title challenger? I think you’ll agree that on present form she most definitely is a challenger who should be fighting for top honours.

This month we take a look back at the very feisty encounter between XShantelX & Harley Quinn (violent older lady vs feisty young pup).

                             XShantelX vs HarleyQuinn (087)


Two ferocious ladies, one fight, one winner, you!

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Jade vs G – Star - Blonde Bomb Belters

        Christmas Catfight available to purchase!

G – Star looks so small in comparison to Jade’s huge tits when she takes her bra off and unleashes her boob bombs. Seasoned fans know that big tits are no guarantee of success during a catfight at all. Although from a fan’s point of view there are still good to see. From an owner’s point of view their good to sticking your opponent’s face until she can breathe no more. To incredibly sexy blondes fighting it out, what more could you fans want for Christmas?

                                    The girls are getting nasty!

                   Jade has an evil thought going through her head!

                                               PLEASE PURCHASE THIS CATFIGHT HERE!

Classic: Jinx vs Killer Sex (1st attempt) full fight is 112 WMV or High Definition

                                             Who you looking at?

If looks could kill....

Monday, 8 December 2014

The Catz Review – devilishly exciting 100% real topless catfighting

The Catz Review: it’s our mission to push the boundaries and bring you devilishly exciting 100% real rules topless/nude catfighting!

I think it’s fair to say that The Catz Review & Catfighting UK have stuck to their mission over the last few years and delivered real women in real fights. We've produced so many terrific catfights throughout 2015 that we can’t possibly have any more to offer? Wrong, G – Star is desperate to get back in to action. I thought I would be cruel and put the sexy little blonde against a giant, sexy, busty blonde who is 5’8” tall and over 130 lbs in weight!

                                                Fans, meet Jade –

These 2 sexy blondes will be going head-to-head in a real catfight sometime before Christmas. Obviously one of these ladies is going to get an ass whipping. Will poor little G – Star gets squashed to death by Jade’s giant melons? Or will the experience of G - Star see the little feisty blonde through to victory??

                                          Jade vs G - Star

Stay tuned for more info on top catfight’s here in the UK. All our fights are available to be purchased from our official clips4sale website - 

You’re a sexy lady and you fancy having a go at a catfight but don’t know how to go about getting in contact? Simply go to our Twitter, or our Yahoo group, and contact me through them. 

An interview with Ulyana –