Sunday, 14 September 2014



                             Some of Kat’s famous topless/nude catfights

I would just like to wish Kat all the best now that she has retired from catfighting/brawling. I remember when Kat 1st started working for the Catz Review. Her first fight was against the very small but powerful Mercy. With just thongs and a cropped T-shirt both these sexy ladies fought like their lives depended on the win. Kat simply never looked back, after Mercy, it was G – Star. After G – Star there were many more before she finally became our first ever official middleweight title holder having had some epic encounters with Jinx & the Spanish sensation which is of course Killer Sex, who has had the misfortune (or fortune, depending on your point of view) to see Kat's Killer pussy close-up! 

Here’s just some Kat’s famous topless/nude catfights she was involved in -

                                                               Kat vs Mercy (092)

cropped T-shirt

                                                                                          Miss Attitude vs Kat (095)

                                                           Kat vs G- Star - The rematch (102)

Kat” border=

                                                                 Killer Sex vs Kat (103)

nude catfight


Kat was the first fighter to use her pussy as a weapon!

Thanks For the terrific catfights Kat - which are available on our clips4sale store.

Catz Review Catfight by catz_review

Monday, 8 September 2014

Serious Catfight Action!

                                             Jinx vs Kat - Serious Catfight Action!

Jinx vs Kat - is a stockings and suspenders, miniskirt middleweight title match full of the hair pulling, stinging slaps and serious concentration as both these ladies are mean bitches who would slap their own granny if they thought it would give them an advantage over their opponent. Jinx will go in as always, with her tits pointing forward like giant melons, which accentuates the look of dominance to her already powerful looking sexy body. Kat isn't exactly inferior in the breasts department, and I think many fans will agree that her killer pussy is the ultimate weapon to deploy in serious catfight action, and Jinx vs Kat is serious catfight action!

                                              The Fight -

serious catfight action

                                                               And Fight!

                                                                  Jinx the aggressor


                                                                             Vicious hair pulling

I simply cannot see jinx losing to Kat. The melon clad warrior has far too much to lose, and what with Jinx being on a losing streak at present, a loss to her arch nemesis would be a bitter pill to swallow. By the way, readers may like to know that this catfight clip has already been released and is available to Purchase from our clips4sale store.

                                             The ladies posing -

                                                       Kat - Middleweight Title Holder


                                                                Jinx - Looking determined

               If it's a CATZ_R then you know it’s authentic and brutal!

Monday, 1 September 2014

So what do you get when you purchase a Catz Review catfight clip?

                                                          Catz Review Clips?

The intense hair pulling is unmatched by any other producer. The hard slaps are, or can be so hard that they can and do make the ladies wince with pain. In my experience not many ladies like their nipples being tweaked, nor are they particularly keen on a wedgie, having to fight nude. Other catfight moves that make our fights different from the rest is head scissors, headlocks, and of course, if the ladies can get it in, bad language. No apologies for swearing in our catfights, and when our ladies do swear, they tend to swear for real. So why buy Catz Review catfight clips? Because you want the genuine article, something that is unscripted, real and exciting; a fight that will get your pulse racing; send a tingling sensation down your spine, give you goose bumps, the not knowing of which lady is going to be triumphant, and which will be the loser.

Fights Such as, Charly AKA Tequila vs Rocket (061) - massive with fans the world over.

Charly AKA Tequila vs Rocket

Jess vs the Boss – again, loved by the fans worldwide, as is the rematch. Those catfights are just a few of the old classics, the new ones have a little bit of devil in them; Super Vixen vs G – Star (HD 089) is one of my personal favourites, as is Jinx vs Killer Sex. All of the fights between Jinx, Kat, and Killer Sex & G – Star are guaranteed to deliver satisfaction. 

                                                                    Jess vs Jinx (062)

So you now have a better idea of what you get when you purchase a Catz review catfight clips.

Jinx talking candidly about why ladies should consider having a go at catfighting and has a little dig at Kat before their middleweight title rematch -

Clips4sale Website -

Clips4sale Website -

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Catfight Blog: The Middleweight Title!

                                                             The Middleweight Title!

Jinx dreams of becoming our middleweight champion. Having being knocked out of the running on several occasions by Killer Sex (Jinx vs Killer Sex - 110 & 112) our English busty blonde/brunette (she changes hair colour that many times) would love nothing more than to beat Kat fair and square in the Catz Cauldron, or to put it another way, in the centre of the mats.   

                                                                     Jinx showing killer Sex whose boss

Jinx vs Killer Sex

                                                                                Jinx in charge

We all know just how stubborn and resilient Kat is when it comes to getting down and dirty in a good old brawl. Topless and ending up nude are no distractions for our current champion who simply does not let sight of her, goal.
                                                        Killer Sex jumping out of Jinx’s grasp

                                   Jinx asserting her dominance by administering some painful nipple tweaks

 The Middleweight Title

The 1st time Kat met Jinx there was fireworks; boy did Kat get a shock when Jinx got her legs round her opponent’s neck! That turned out to be one hell of a bad tempered affair between the 2 feisty competitors (Jinx vs Kat - 106). There was definitely no love lost in the rematch, only this time, Kat was much more prepared for Jinx and her lethal legs.

Such an intense catfight

These ladies mean business!

                                             Time for a little Pay back?

Who’s going to win?

These catfights between Jinx vs Killer Sex & Jinx vs Kat can be found in our Clips4sale Store.

       Unseen footage of Rocket vs Toony - The Rematch!

Toony vs Rocket: the rematch from Catz_Review on Vimeo.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Extreme Nude Catfighting – Ulyana vs Killer Sex

                          A HOT ENCOUNTER BETWEEN RUSSIA & SPAIN


What an extremely pulsating brawl it should/will be between the sexy Russian (Ulyana) & the mysteriously sexy Spaniard that is of course, Killer Sex. There is every possibility that it will degenerate into a breast grabbing, thong ripping, pussy in the air, style catfight that fans will feast on for years! I’m so looking forward to seeing Ulyana in those pink hold-up stockings & those see-through red panties again. Keller Sex in black hold-ups and, of course, not much else! This is one catfight I've already added to my shopping list!


                                                                                    Buy Ulyana Vs Killer Sex

So much excitement to come, August mayhem!

Catfight Snippets by catz_review

Tuesday, 22 July 2014


                             G – STAR RETURNS!

The Self Proclaimed “knicker ripper” which is of course G – Star will be returning to The Catz Review - Catfighting UK with an eye on becoming the best middleweight champion we've ever had. You can see from her latest pics that G – Star has put on a few pounds which, I think you will agree makes her look even more stunning than she did before. Our sexy blonde is back to prove that she is the best…and not just at leaving her opponent with no knickers!

                                            SIAN VS KAT - CATFIGHT UPDATE

What a fantastic demonstration of determination by the very beautiful and sexy, Sian. So much talent that I believe that this particular young lady could well be Be A Future Catz Review middleweight champion. Maybe if she had got in more nipple tweaks…..

                                   ULYANA VS KAT – CATFIGHT CLIP UPDATE

Our Russian sensation that is Ulyana will surely come back and show the other ladies that she can fight rough and hard with the best of them. I predict that this incredibly sexy Russian will be involved in some epic catfights in the not too distant future. We can but hope that she is wearing those incredibly sexy pink hold-up stockings and a very naughty thong, again.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014



ULYANA VS KAT - Our new sexy little Russian superstar is barely 5’2” tall and a dress size 10 but it is worth remembering that Kat is only 5’3” tall, so in the fight terms both ladies are pretty even on paper. Obviously Kat has the experience, but Ulyana doesn’t particularly fear anyone and does not respect reputation…… it should be a very interesting encounter between 2 very sexy ladies. WWW.CATZREVIEW.COM

PRÓXIMO mes de julio – Presentación TOPLESS CATFIGHT ULYANA VS KAT - nuestra nueva superestrella ruso poco atractivo es apenas 5'2 "de alto y una talla 10 pero vale la pena recordar que Kat es solamente 5'3" de alto, en los términos de la lucha ambas damas son bastante incluso en papel. Obviamente Kat tiene la experiencia, pero Ulyana no particularmente miedo a nadie y no respeta la reputación... debe ser un encuentro muy interesante entre dos señoritas muy sexy.

Juli – TOPLESS Einreichung CATFIGHT Uljana VS KAT - unsere neue sexy kleinen russischen Superstar ist kaum 5'2 "groß und ein Kleid Größe 10, aber es sei daran erinnert, dass Kat nur 5'3" hoch, ist also in den Kampf beide Damen ziemlich sogar auf Papier sind. Kat hat offensichtlich die Erfahrung, aber Uljana nicht besonders Angst jemand und respektiert nicht Ruf sollte es eine sehr interessante Begegnung zwischen zwei sehr sexy Damen.




                                              SIAN VS KAT
This catfight has been released and is available to purchase at our Clips4sale Website.

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