Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Catfight - The teacher vs the pupil


I wasn’t sure that Honour May not quite ready for a full on catfight. Or at least, that’s what I assumed. The confident sex kitten admitted that she had never been in a fight before, but she had been training very hard and that she was, “hoping to win.” 

We decided to do a 3 submission fight so that Honour May would get the opportunity to learn different types of submission moves. Naturally we started off as normal; with both ladies stripping off down to thongs, before meeting in the center of the mats & giving each other a confidence stare. Oozing confidence, Honour May stood her ground and engaged Pandora in this test fight. Talk about, the fast & the furious; all hell broke loose as both ladies went for one another like to cats in an alleyway!

Honour May Interview -

Feeling threatened, Pandora went straight for a submission move which left Honour May hammering the mat in submission. This did not shake the new ladies confidence 1 little bit, because in the next round the new sex kitten went after Pandora intent on revenge……. 

You will have to watch the fight in its entirety in order to discover whether Honour May forces Pandora to submit, & makes it 1 – 1. Someone eventually wins 2 submissions to 1. Will it be Pandora, or will the new lady produce a massive upset!?

As regards to the outcome, all I will say is that the young lady impressed me so much that I invited her back to take on Pandora in a proper, no excuses, catfight!

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Kitty - “Gonna squeeze those perky fake tits and make her scream haha xxx”

Pandora - 

Monday, 18 September 2017

Catfight blog


I was delighted when Honour May “said” yes to coming along and having a go at fighting for us. With her masses of fans there was a real opportunity for this sexy babe to demonstrate that she may talk posh, but she can get down and dirty in a catfight with some of my best ladies here at The Catz Review.

Honour May

Ready to fight!

Let’s hope that the Honour May (the pupil) demonstrates that she is the real deal and will become a regular at kicking ass!

Sponsored catfight coming in late October? Is Kitty out for revenge?

Anyone who’s seen the 1st fight between these 2 ladies will know basically what to expect. According to Kitty she was not 100% last time and so is determined to prove to her fans that she is the meanest bitch in town! Sponsors can expect 100% real intense action! More news and a date for this fight will be available either late September or early October.

Don’t forget you can watch our top catfight - Alice vs Pandora in 4K

Nice shot!

Friday, 1 September 2017

Hair pulling catfight feast - blonde vs brunette released & available to purchase

This is a wild and intense catfight in which both ladies intend to win!

I notice for the 1st time, as she stands there partially naked, that Alice looks a little nervous. Previously Alice had come across as the ice Queen. Having said that, once she gazes across at Pandora in the center of the ring, Alice regains her composure and stares back at Pandora with ice cold eyes! 

When I give them the order to fight, Pandora goes about her usual business of destroying her opponent from distance with devastating slaps. Alice tries her best to combat this form of attack, but like everyone else, she is a novice compared to Pandora who has perfected this particular technique to perfection. I can only imagine that she works out hard in a gym where she gives a punch bag a good going over (probably imagines it’s an opponent)!

Alice closes the space between the 2 of them and uses her height to grab Pandora’s hair. Pandora reciprocates, but Alice uses sheer brute strength to take the fight down onto the mat where she is most comfortable. There is a fantastic moment that fans were not supposed to see when one of these feisty ladies decides to pull her opponents thong from behind; the result is that one moment the lady in question had a thong on, the next it disappears before our very eyes! This does not stop the tug-of-war which carries on between the 2 ladies as they both fight for superiority. When I bring an end to round 1, both ladies were on the verge of coming off the mat such was the intensity of their struggle.

Tug of War!

The 2nd round starts off with Pandora again picking her spot with some devilish slaps to her opponent’s pale body. Alice grimaces before once again going for her opponent’s ponytail. They both crumble and fall to the mat, before once again engaging in intense hair pulling. One of these ladies tries sticking her hand between her opponent’s legs. To her, and our amazement, the lady on the receiving end, does not flinch. Back and forth the struggle goes as regards to the hair pulling, until one of these ladies loses her balance. The other lady waste no time in getting her leg over her opponent body and tries to get in some nipple tweaks, which only partially succeed as the recipient desperately tries to block these amateurish attempts. It’s worth mentioning at this point that both ladies still have a firm grasp of each other’s hair. The one underneath desperately tries to throw her opponent off of her and protect her tits from attack. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on your point of view, failing to secure a submission brings an end to this fantastic, action packed round.

Pandora getting into the swing!

Go for the pussy!

By the start of round 3 both ladies are weary, although you could argue, one far more than the other! They stare at one another before once again engaging in the hair pulling/tug-of-war competition which seems to have been going on with both ladies throughout this fight. As previously both crumpled to the mat. This time legs would play a role in this fight in the form of head scissors. A spectacular move in which the lady executing this particular move demands that her opponent submits. She refuses, in fact, she asks her opponent who has her head between her legs if she wishes to submit! This happened several times before the hold is finally broken. With both ladies now long ways to each other, the other opponent (who tried the leg scissor move) tries the type of movie rarely ever see in a catfight. Like someone from the circus she propels herself up and over her opponent, but falls down beside her foe. This is because neither lady had let go of each other’s hair! A 2nd daring attempt leads to disaster for one of these 2 female gladiators. The attempt lands the lady at the mercy of her opponent who wastes no time in extracting a submission out of her stricken opponent in an extremely nasty & brutal way!

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Sexy blonde to fight sexy brunette!


Alice may be new but the tall blonde has been in communication with me for almost a year. Alice chose her name, Alice. I believe it’s because she wanted to come across as being innocent/virginal so that opponents such as Pandora would not take her seriously. Alice is a tall blonde intent on destroying Pandora & making a huge name for herself in the catfighting world.

This 1st encounter happened because I needed to know that this combination would produce a fight worthy of sponsorship. I needed to know that both ladies will do their sponsors proud! 

Both ladies getting ready for action!

A video preview will be available upon release!

We are hoping that there will be a 2nd fight between these 2 ladies. If it goes ahead it would be a sponsored catfight. This is simply because I would not be able to pay either lady enough to come back and make the fight into a true Catz Review classic! 

Both ladies in nothing but a skimpy thong and possibly some hold-up stockings!! The sheer tension in-between rounds as both ladies desperately look for a decisive move that will distinguish their opponent’s catfight reputation! This will be a true sexy blonde vs sexy brunette fight. 

Unfortunately this catfight cannot be for any title; this is because Pandora is only 5’2” tall & Alice is 5’7” tall - so Pandora is in the lightweight category, and Alice should be in the middleweight category. Nevertheless, I’m sure you’ll agree it will make a very interesting fight!!

The sponsored version is bound to be edge of the seat stuff which only you fans can make happen!

New lady Alice -


Kitty vs Pandora