Monday, 15 May 2017

The Catz Review - Topless/nude Sponsored Catfight!


Not a lot is known about Kitty and as you can see, I only have a few pics. But, having met Kitty, what I can tell you is that Kitty is a natural bitch. She can take punishment as well is give it out and is not frightened of the naughty stuff such as wedges which can ultimately lead to nudity. In fact I wouldn’t at all be surprised if the ladies lose their thongs not long into this sponsored catfight! 
                        Proposed fight date - early June!

Kitty during her interview - 

This will be the 3nd time that The Catz Review will have produced a topless sponsored catfight. Let’s be clear, your $20 donation is simply going to bump up the ladies wages. After all, I cannot ask them to get down and dirty (tactics) for a few measly $100You can also expect to have access to view other 4K catfights including Cindy vs Skyler & Amethyst vs Jessica, and another top catfight (yet to be decided).


What can I expect from my $20? Well, if you are lucky enough to sponsor the rematch between The Boss & Pandora then you will already know. If you weren’t quite so lucky then this is your opportunity to discover & get access to behind-the-scenes footage, and to see your version of the fight before anyone else in either 720, HD, or even 4K. So if you wish to sponsor what should be an epic catfight then please click on the PayPal link below. If you’re having problems then check out the link on our UK Catfighting Twitter page. 

$20 Sponsor now by hitting the donate button on our blog & follow instructions. You will need your login details to access our video website -

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Please remember that you can now purchase The Boss vs Pandora - the rematch in full HD (1920 x 1080). Check out the pics and click on the link to our clips4sale website below. In fact why not check out the preview again -

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Catfighting UK - Topless Sponsored Catfight!


This rematch is so important for so many reasons: firstly, we have the fact that this fight is sponsored, secondly, Pandora feels hard done by in the 1st fight, and thirdly, both ladies are desperate to prove that the only fights they do all 100% real.

Pandora is desperate to impress the sponsors and prove that she is the ultimate little fighting machine! The Boss loves being popular with you fans and will try every tactic she has learnt from previous opponents to try and use Pandora as a stepping stone to becoming the lightweight champion!

As this is a sponsored catfight produced by The Catz Review the ladies do their bit by posing for the camera in their jeans and T-shirts. They give 2 interviews, one for the sponsors & of course a normal pre-fight interview before the actual catfight in their lingerie.

Catfight Video Preview - 

Pandora vs The Boss - The Rematch

We start off in the additional way. This is with both ladies standing in their corners waiting for instructions to take off their tops and of course meet in the middle of the mats. When they eventually meet in the middle both ladies stare at one another and await instructions.

When I give the instructions to, “fight,” both ladies immediately start to circle one another. Pandora’s long-range slaps reach their target, causing her opponent to partially cover up. However, it’s not long before The Boss decides to get closes and grab her opponent’s ponytail. Down on to the mat both ladies use various tactics in an attempt to get the upper hand. The Boss makes good use of her legs. Pandora slips out of this potential submission move by inserting her hand between her opponent’s legs! This tactic works as Pandora gets the opportunity to slowly mount her struggling opponent. With both ladies in a vicious struggle I call time at the end of this ferocious round.

Both ladies stand patiently waiting for the start of the 2nd round. It starts with The Boss attempting to protect her tits from Pandora’s stinging slaps. Once again both ladies bridged the gap and, by their hair, take each other down onto the mat. With Pandora seemingly going for the kill, The Boss resorts to nipple tweaks followed by breast grabbing, and even giving Pandora’s suspender belt a tug. It works; Pandora drops her head just low enough for The Boss to reach and grab her opponent’s hair and thus pull her partially off of her in time to reach the end of the round another nasty round of fighting.

Let go of my tits!

By this stage both ladies are extremely exhausted. The Boss has many vicious slap marks on her once flawless body. Pandora is breathing heavily. The 3rd round is beckoning. They both prepare for another vicious scrap…….

I think once you fans have seen the rematch you will hopefully want to be a sponsor in future fights and become, a gentleman who prefers the finer things in life!

The Boss

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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Catfighting UK - Sponsors & Catfight Fans


Probably 1st of May will hopefully be the release date for The Boss vs Pandora - The Rematch. Obviously sponsors will get to see the catfight 48 hours before everyone else. Sponsors have already seen some behind-the-scenes footage. This blog update is to show you fans that this much anticipated rematch did actually take place, and that it was a very sexy (not to mention brutal) affair because of the generosity of the sponsors. 

I will create a preview for fans who are interested in purchasing this catfight which features 2 of The Catz Reviews most popular & beautiful ladies! Meanwhile please check out some pics of the carnage which were taken on the day.

When you’re pulling hair very hard there is the possibility of hurting your own wrist!

The Boss

Ready? Coming May!

I think once you fans have seen the preview you will hopefully want to be a sponsor in future fights and become, a gentleman who prefers the finer things in life!

I would urge the sponsors to remember their login details. 

The ladies giving their pre-fight interviews -

As regards to the warm up catfight between these 2 feisty young ladies, there are still many pics for me to edit & put on our blog.

Please check out new lady, Kitty – 

5’2” tall and a dress size 10 - weight: 9 ½ stone.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Nipple tweak catfight mayhem!


The warm up catfight between The Boss & Pandora is a very sexy affair. Pandora naturally struggles to get back into the swing of things after being out for more than a year. To make things worse for Pandora, The Boss accidentally discovers that Pandora does not like nipple tweaks. Needless to say that at every opportunity, The Boss grabs her opponent’s tits when she can! 

Check out the fight pics –

Intense stare!


Get off my tits!

Round 2

The Boss vs Pandora - The rematch - For gentlemen who prefer the finer things in life!

For you gentlemen who prefer the finer things in life, it’s not too late to sponsor the rematch between The Boss vs Pandora.  Just follow the instructions below -

What can you expect from this catfight? Sponsors can expect behind-the-scenes footage & the preview in 4k. If you live in the UK you may even be able to attend. You can also expect to have access to view other 4K catfights including The Boss vs Pandora & Amethyst vs Jessica.

$20 + Remember to leave an email address & password in the comments section