Saturday, 13 January 2018

Lightweight Title Catfight UK

Lightweight Title Catfight UK!

Those of you who have already purchase the “No Way Out” catfight (produced by The Catz Review) will know just how exciting & intense the action is, what with both ladies dominating at certain points throughout the match. If you haven’t purchased this catfight yet but are thinking of doing so, then please check out more pics of the action below -

There is a lot of mat action in this particular catfight

Kitty breaking through Pandora’s defences!

Both ladies holding on tight!

Pandora caught by Kitty’s legs!

Tits get squeezed!

And this is just some of the action that happens in the 1st round! You could argue that round 2 & is more intense - round 3 is extremely brutal and very unpredictable in regards to who is going to win this No way out title catfight!

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Vicious tit squeezing catfight!


Please check out the video preview for little taste of the action - 

Kitty vs Pandora - The Rematch - both ladies slowly take off their dresses and meet in the middle of the room in nothing but thongs & hold up stockings. Pandora teases Kitty by rubbing her boobs/pointy nipples just before looking up and engaging Kitty in a seriously mean stare! 

With the sideshow out the way, both ladies exchange slaps before taking each other down onto the mats. Just when you think Pandora has taken control, Kitty picks up the busty brunette & drops Pandora down hard onto the mat! Slapping and hair pulling, not to mention a bit of pussy whipping & tit grabbing, makes it very hard to establish who has the upper hand. The round comes to an end with Kitty arguably on top & Pandora giving Kitty a desperate wedgie!

Kitty pussy whipping!

Pandora in a spot of bother!

Available to purchase here -

The 2nd round starts off very similar to the 1st. Both quickly grab hair & both go down onto the mats very quickly. Kitty grabs one of Pandora’s tits and squeezes exceptionally hard. Pandora pulls Kitty’s hair and manages to seize back control. What happened next is unusual: both ladies end up lying side-by-side with Pandora Pulling Kitty’s hair between her legs, while Kitty wrapped her legs round Pandora’s throat! After a few seconds both ladies break free but Pandora takes control of this fight and puts extreme pressure on Kitty, who retaliates with some extremely vicious breast squeezing. Pandora endures the excruciating pain & ends the round on top.

Before round 3 starts our busty brunette can be clearly seen trying to massage & soothe the pain that had been inflicted on her tits by Kitty by caressing them with her hands. Having said that, when Pandora meets Kitty in the centre of the room, she still manages to take her time and caress her pointy nipples. I wonder if Pandora has done her homework and suspects that Kitty may find this sexually arousing - or hopefully it’s just for the benefit of us fans!?

Both ladies are extremely weary at the start of this 3rd round. Both think very carefully before launching an attack. This time Pandora definitely beats Kitty to the punch when it comes to grabbing her opponent by their hair. However, when both ladies go down onto the mat and engage in a hair pulling tug-of-war, it is Kitty who somehow takes control. A nice move my Pandora in an attempt to escape from Kitty’s clutches as she jumps up in the air, only to comes back down with Kitty still holding on to the busty brunette’s hair. The situation looks desperate for Pandora as she is trapped by Kitty’s legs; and cannot stop her vicious opponent from squeezing her tits at will! Kitty also demands that Pandora submits! I will not continue as I do not wish to reveal the winner to all the excited fans who have been looking forward to this “no way out” title fight. 

The only thing I will say is that as promised, the loser is not only forced to submit, but is continued to be attacked & asked if she is sure she’s had enough (for extra punishment and humiliation) before submitting yet again! When the fight is over and both ladies sit down either side of one another, it is obvious that both ladies tits are extremely marked & sore!

"WHAT a fantastic way for the CATFIGHT NATION to kick off 2018 then with a SPECTACULAR catfight from Capt. James and the ladies of CATZR.  If this is any hint of what lies ahead we are in for one HELL of an awesome year.  Well done CAPT.  Special luv out to Ms. Pandora and Ms Kitty for a superb hard fought match!"

Saturday, 30 December 2017

“No way out” style catfight


This is a “No way out” style catfight. It was originally sponsored but due to a few things beyond my control I have decided to release it like a standard catfight. This does not mean that the actual fighting is not good; on the contrary, this is one of the meanest & vicious catfights produced by, The Catz Review. Those of you who remember Chantelle Fox vs Toony will love the action! 

Check out the tension between the 2 ladies when Pandora walks in on Kitty, who is already warming up in nothing but a short black dress & hold up stockings - 

Not sure what we mean by, “No Way out?” Well what with the lightweight title being on the line and the actual fighting does not stop with the winning lady gets her submission. No, the winning lady carries on torturing & embarrassing the loser! So obviously neither Pandora nor Kitty went into this catfight with any other intention but winning. Losing was not something that either lady had even contemplated.

Pandora warming up -

A little teaser: Kitty sending Pandora flying across the room, tit grabbing by both ladies is particularly vicious, bad language & real nasty hair pulling. Full description upon release!