Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Catfight Coming Soon?

Catfight - The Boss vs Skyler - 

Both ladies have agreed to fight!

It looks like you catfight fans have voted overwhelmingly in favour of a rematch between The Boss & Skyler. This will be a topless submission catfight which will take place within the next month. Both ladies are in the process of agreeing dates etc. Both ladies are adamant that they will win, so hopefully we will have another top catfight coming soon!

The first catfight between these 2 feisty ladies was very, very popular amongst catfight connoisseurs. I think the general consensus was that the non-stop action was very exciting. You can of course check out the 1st fight between The Boss & Skyler on our clips4sale website, or click on this link.

In this promotional video The Boss also talks about her most memorable catfights, again, the 3 fights that she refers to can be found on our clips4sale website. If you haven’t already then I would advise that you check out her catfights with Jess as they are still as popular now as they were when they were first released in 2012!


A blast from the not too distant past - Jess vs The Boss!

For those of you who like ladies with a fuller figure, please check out the very beautiful Millie Mayhem - pics below – 

As we go by height & weight Millie would be someone for Scarlett or Rebel…..

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

One Sided Beat Down


Ivy is fresh from watching Jess vs Jessica “live” & some of our more brutal catfights on video. Given her background I expected this incredibly sexy young lady to be a natural at catfighting. Excellent when standing up, Ivy simply had no answer to The Boss when she was taken down onto the mats! Nevertheless, Ivy proved to be stubborn & continued to fight on for 3 rounds.

The Catz Review is well known for only having 1 submission catfights. This one sided beat down featuring Ivy & The Boss has 3 submissions in it. This was a one-off in order to try to help Ivy get into the action.

The Boss seized this opportunity to get a win and get in some practice ready for a possible rematch with Skyler. Those of you who have watched and enjoyed the 1st fight between The Boss & Skyler will undoubtedly be looking forward to the rematch.

We would like to thank Ivy for her efforts & hope that she will get in some practice and hopefully makes a comeback. Watching is easy, but actually participating is very tough!

Please do not purchase unless you enjoy one sided beat downs!

Millie Mayhem

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Dazed & beaten catfight

Topless/nude – Catfight - Jess vs Jessica - Released and Available to Purchase!

Blonde vs brunette: this is a catfight in which we witness 2 new ladies take each other on in a topless submission catfight. Not long into the fight Jess loses her thong & has to carry on fighting, nude. However, Jess quickly has an opportunity to reciprocate - the action continues with both ladies fighting naked. Both take it in turns to ride the other as they jostle for an advantage. After having her tits worked over, Jess finishes the 1st round in a dominant position: with Jessica trapped, thrashing about, naked. 

Best preview is probably on our clips4sale website

The 2nd round starts with blonde vs brunette staring at each other intensely. Again the blonde gets caught by the brunette and is taken down onto the mat where both ladies have their moments. A nice move in this round is when Jessica grabs her opponent by the hair and pulled her from one end of the mat to the other. As per usual in a 50-50 catfight, it’s a silly mistake that gives the eventual winner the opportunity to strike. But before this happens there is a moment where both ladies exchange verbal abuse. 

The submission comes when one lady’s head ends up trapped between the others legs - she is held firmly in place by her own hair with no option but to tap out! When the victor let’s go, she pushes her opponent away, like some discarded rubbish. Standing up, the victor cannot resist a 2 fingered salute as she looks down on her dazed and beaten opponent!

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Blonde vs Brunette Catfight

Jess vs Jessica will be a battle the new ladies…. a fight in which only one lady can be triumphant, and prove that she is a “super bitch” who deserves to join the ranks here at The Catz Review

Unfortunately due to reasons beyond my control we are unable to bring you the original fight we intended. I’m sure you’ll agree that a battle of the newbies - blonde vs brunette is a fight you fans will hopefully relish. Both ladies are desperate to make a big impression here at The Catz Review. Both are thinking about winning, neither is contemplating losing this catfight which could well define their fighting careers. Both are of similar height and build. Both have had experience with Skyler & Jessica has had experience with the wrestler, Amethyst.  This could well be the most interesting catfight of the year - blonde vs brunette! Hold on to your cocks as this could prove to be bitchy!

And here we have a few pics –



Which one of these ladies you think will get stuffed this Christmas - the blonde or the brunette?

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Catfights in 4K

2015/16 Catfights Available in 4K

12 modern catfight previews & 6 old previews plus video interviews & behind-the-scenes footage all on our catfight video website

What do you do if you wish to watch the catfight between Amethyst & Jessica in either 2k or 4K? The 1st thing you need do is make a donation by clicking on the PayPal button. You will also need to give me a spare email address & password of your choosing. This allows me to give me you, and only you, access to all our latest catfights in 4K. You might not wish to view the catfights in 4K; you may choose to watch them in 2K which is High Definition. Whichever option you choose you will be able to watch the fight videos from the comfort of your own home on a full-size monitor or TV!

This is by far our most popular catfight preview -

“I have clicked on the video and it only shows the 720p version!” What you need to do is click on the star at the bottom right hand side of the video and then make your selection. If you’re still unsure just follow the white arrow on the image below –

Catfights available to view in 4K: Rebel vs Killer Sex, Skyler vs G – Star - The Rematch, Cindy vs Skyler, Scarlett vs G – Star, Scarlett vs Rebel, The Boss vs Skyler, Scarlett vs Skyler, Jessica vs Skyler, Demona vs Skyler & Amethyst vs Jessica. More fights may be available - please email me for details.

Here is our 1st video preview in 4K -

Alternatively, you can always purchase these fights on our clips4sale website in 720p!

The Catz Review: producing the best topless submission catfight in the world. I think you would agree that the UK fighting scene would be a pretty poor place without Britain’s premier topless catfight company!

Ladies wanting to have a go at catfighting can always catch me on twitter -

I have over 8 years of experience in this field and many references. The type of lady we like is strong minded and has her own mind. As well as having some experience in some sort of fitness background. 

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Bad-tempered Catfight - Amethyst vs Jessica


Jessica turns up late because of transport problems. After giving a quick interview, we start the catfight in the traditional Catz Review way and both ladies engage in slapping before Amethyst takes her opponent down onto the mat, although Jessica ends the round on top. Round 2 is a really bad tempered affair as both ladies break the rules. Amethyst users an arm bar which upsets Jessica who retaliates by grabbing her opponent’s left tit. A similar thing happens in round 3, only this time Amethyst’s entire left breast is exposed to the world! By this point tempers have been well and truly frayed. 

In round 4 we have both ladies rolling around on the mats sticking their hands in each other’s faces as both jostle for a winning position, which inevitably comes for 1 of these 2 beauties. 

You could say that neither lady is impressed with the other; this is a very bad-tempered catfight which one lady in particular dominates. 

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Wrestling & Catfighting

Sexy Lingerie Catfight..?

We all know that wrestling is a specialised skill. Ladies who specialise in mixed wrestling sessions are used to dominating men. Ladies such as Amethyst appear to make a good living out of wrestling men into submission. But what would happen if we put her against a lady who likes to catfight?

This is exactly what we intend to do this November; wrestling vs catfighting? Well not exactly, the rules are for catfighting - mostly. This catfight will probably be performed in lingerie. Amethyst has promised to only wear “sexy, skimpy underwear.”


Her opponent, probably Jessica, will probably just wear The Catz Review’s usual attire; sexy thong, stockings and suspenders etc. 

This would definitely be something different for The Catz Review, but we all know that, variety is the spice of life. And we never know, Amethyst may become a regular (assuming of course she wins)!

No knickers!

You lucky catfight fans have witnessed this October, Jess vs Skyler (real & competitive) and of course our very sexy catfight featuring, Demona vs Skyler (real one sided catfight). Would you like to see any of them in 4K? If so then click on the link below for full details -