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Unfortunately the weather here in the UK stopped last Sunday’s catfight taking place. Let’s hope that nothing gets in the way of our 2nd attempt this weekend.

While fans are waiting for the main event let’s check out the catfight action from the end of Alice vs Pandora - 158

Alice vs Pandora –

We at The Catz Review & Catfighting UK very much hope that you are looking forward to this rematch between Kitty & Pandora, which, as I’m sure you all know by now, will end with one of these ladies being humiliated by the other!

The Catz Review - Real Catfighting at Its Best!!!

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NO WAY OUT! - Sponsored Rematch!


NO WAY OUT! They don’t just lose the fight; they lose the lightweight title & EVEN WORSE, the fight doesn’t end until the winner has finished humiliating the loser!!

NO WAY OUT! Will Kitty get revenge in a sponsored bitch fight & become our 1st ever lightweight champion?

I think you’ll agree that the action The Catz Review & Catfighting UK produces is very real, sexy and very brutal. To sponsor the rematch between Kitty & Pandora it will cost you only £20. Within 48 hours you will get access to a thirty second preview of the fight action. You will also get to see behind-the-scenes footage & you will get the opportunity to download the catfight approximately 2 weeks before general release. Sponsors will also have access to view catfights such as Rebel vs Killer Sex & Cindy vs Skyler - Kitty vs The Boss in either, 720p, 2K or 4K!

This is from their 1st catfight -

The proposed date for this catfight is the 10th of December. Should, for any reason the fight is cancelled, fans can expect a full refund.

Due to treacherous weather conditions the sponsored catfight on the 10th was postponed. Fans/sponsors will be delighted to know that it has been rearranged for the 17th!

When wanting to become a sponsor or you will merely have to do access our Catfighting UK blog and click on the Pay Now Button.

Kitty - “Gonna squeeze those perky fake tits and make her scream haha xxx”

Kitty vs The Boss 

Using your email address and password you will be able to access our Video Website whenever you wish by clicking on the login details on the top right-hand corner of the Video Websites for a certain amount of times. You will be able to access a video preview of the catfight you are sponsoring & a few weeks before general release you will be able to download your HD version of the catfight direct from our Video Website! And then of course view the 4K version with your login details -

Who would win a sponsored rematch between Kitty & Pandora?

I must stress that all monies goes towards the ladies wages.

PayPal -

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Jenny vs Francis - A catfight story by Tabby

Jenny vs Francis

This story was written by, Tabby

This is where you will find her Twitter - 

Jenny had always loved the mirrors in gyms. Not only did they help her slyly check out the cuties back home in California, but they helped her to make sure that she was making the most of her curvy, compact body whilst she worked out.

Now though, she could see every inch of her tanned skin as she was exposed and pinned to the floor. Her swollen nipples and bright-red face stared back her, her shame amplified by the hundreds of reflections as that snotty English bitch pulled her hair back by the roots.

How had Jenny got herself into this compromising position?

It had all started when the petite blonde had arrived for practice. Francesca, the dance team captain, hadn’t been pleased to see the exchange student show up in skimpy shorts and a clingy t-shirt that hugged her c-cup breasts – and it wasn’t just because her own breasts were much smaller.

The pair had had a rivalry since Jenny had first arrived at Oxford and pushed her way onto the dance team with her flashy cheerleader ways. She loved to flout UK traditions and insisted on talking loudly about how much better everything was back home.

When she found out that her slender redheaded teammate was in fact descended from a general who fought in the War of Independence – on the losing side of course – Jenny was determined to do it even more. Anything to get the limey to lose her stiff upper lip.

“What do you think you’re wearing, Yankee? You’re supposed to be in proper kit for training,” Francesca demanded, gesturing down at her own all-black spandex leotard.

“Oh Franny, that uniform schtick is sooo boring and stuffy and...British. I just wanted to wear something with a little more bounce, yanno?” Jenny jiggled her full c-cup tits as she stood there and looked pointedly at the other girl’s much flatter chest.

“You’re so tacky, I can’t believe you’re even wearing the Stars and Stripes on your fake nails,” she shot back.

“Duh, it’s the Fourth of July, of course I’m flying Old Glory. How could I not, when it’s the day we kicked your asses? Oh, that reminds me – I need to leave early tonight for the party.”

“That’s it!” Francesca snapped. “I’ve had it up to here with you constantly undermining me and your relentless USA! USA! Bullshit.”

The squad needs to practice and I’ll be damned if I let the stupid slut put me and Britain down, she thought to herself.

Delighted that she’d got the ice maiden all riled up, Jenny leaned in close to her face. “Oh yeah? What are you going to do about it?”

They were both shocked by what Francesca actually did, though – and so were the rest of the girls who looked on. She lunged at the blonde and grabbed her flimsy t-shirt. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing, fat-ass?!” Jenny screamed as she tried to twist away.

“Doing what I should have done a long time ago – and my arse is not fat!” Fran shrieked. She slapped Jenny hard, once on each cheek, causing bright spots of colour to bloom on her face. Francesca still had hold of her tight top with one hand and the shorter girl couldn’t get away. She was trying though, and she wriggled the fabric split down the middle where it stretched over her tits.

Cheap American-made crap, Fran thought to herself.

“You bitch! You’ve ruined my old Pep Squad tee! I’ll get you for this!” Jenny squealed as she launched herself at her in revenge for the spoiled garment. But after years of dance training, Fran was too quick. True, she’d never been in a fight before, but she deftly side-stepped Jenny’s clumsy onslaught, and took the opportunity to shred the last remains of the top away from her tight body – and burst out giggling.

For underneath her precious old high school t-shirt the perky patriot was sporting a stars-and-stripes bikini top to go with her manicure.

“Oh my God!” Francesca snickered. “Have you got an “I heart USA” tattoo under there too?!”

“Shut up, Britface, I was wearing it for the Fourth of July party later with the water polo team...”

But Jenny’s voice, normally the loudest in the room, faltered. Stripped of her top, she seemed stripped of her confidence too. Fran thought that if she had Jenny’s petite and curvaceous body she’d be flaunting it like a model, but under her haughty gaze the shorter girl seemed shy behind the
triangles of fabric.

“Oi Yankee, what’s the problem?” she teased. “You were going to wear that to the pool party and I bet you show off your tits and arse in front of your ‘sorority sisters’ all the time back in Cali, so why can’t you model it for us?”

Jenny reluctantly dropped her arms from her chest, but that wasn’t good enough for Francesca, who was beginning to enjoy the power trip.

Yes, she thought, I’m finally taking charge of this stupid bitch and I need to show my team that I’m in complete control.

And with that, she grabbed Jenny’s tiny shorts and pulled them down to her ankles – revealing a set of matching flag briefs.

Whilst Fran was on her knees in front of her, Jenny grabbed a handful of her lustrous red hair and dragged her off balance – but with her shorts round her feet, she tripped up, landing heavily on the crash mat on top of her, straddling Fran’s firm round buttocks.

“Ha, I’ve got you now, you pervert, right by your fat ass!” she crowed, looking like a saucy rodeorider, but Francesca wouldn’t be beaten that easily.

As Jenny claimed victory, Fran snaked a hand behind and grabbed her where it hurt: pinching oneof her sensitive nipples through her triangle top.

Yelping, Jenny twisted to get away, but only succeed in snapping the strap on her top. Her left breast was exposed and her pink nipple quickly hardened in the conditioned air of the gym. It was sore from where Francesca has nipped it, and a bruise was already beginning to blossom.

Now the pair circled each other around the mat, with Jenny desperately trying to cover up her exposed tit with one hand. It was rapidly becoming clear that she didn’t stand a chance against the team captain, who still looked cool and collected in her sleek, form-fitting outfit.

Even though Jenny had just had her facedown on the floor, she had her hands on her hips, ready to strike again, whilst the dishevelled American was trying desperately to protect her modesty. The bossy Brit was having none of it: “That’s not good enough! Let’s see what you’re hiding between your legs.”

“What?! No! I’m not your- your- your lap dancer!” Jenny spat back.
“Lap dancer? Oh, now there’s a good idea!” Francesca smirked. “I know you like to shake it in the clubs, I swear I saw you grinding on half the college rugby team last week. So why don’t you do a dance for us?” she teased, stepping forward and sliding one finger under Jenny’s remaining bikini strap.

“Will...will you give me my clothes back if I do?” she pleaded.

“Of course,” Fran said. “But for the time being, you won’t be needing this, will you?” she deftly removed the remnants of Jenny’s top, so both her breasts could spring free.

Jenny started to argue but by now it was obvious to her that she was outnumbered by the rest of the team who she had spent weeks riling up. And why?

Because I thought I was better than them. Because I come from the Land of the Free and they’re boring snobs from a tiny rainy island.

And now they’re happy to see me humiliated.

Her self-pitying thoughts were interrupted by a blast of music. One of the other girls had put a pounding dance track on. The team, led as ever by Francesca, crowded round her in a circle. “Go on then, you think you’re a better person than us because you’re an American, you even think you’re a better dancer than us, so why don’t you twerk for us?”

Jenny shamefacedly complied. She shimmied her boobs and jigged her butt for her audience, who were whooping and jeering like lads on a stag do.

“Go on, shake that booty, girl!” “This is what trash like you is made for! Make it clap!” Cheeks burning, she worked her bum and thighs back and forth, thankful for the fact that the bikini bottoms weren’t a thong style. Even though they showed off her fine ass cheeks, at least they left a little something to the imagination.

But the triangles of fabric couldn’t stop Francesca from copping a feel. She grabbed a handful of Jenny’s juicy butt, her classy french manicure contrasting with the curvier girl’s tanned flesh, and squeezed hard.

As she felt her fingers cup her bum and graze the edge of her pussylips, Jenny freaked out. Oh my God. No woman has ever touched me like that before!

She screamed and tried to struggle away from the intrusion, but the other girls were packed to too tight around her.

“Grab the bitch!” Fran yelled, and the other girls followed her order, grabbing at Jenny’s arms, thighs, hair, even her bouncy tits, to control her. Completely immobilized, her heart was pounding with fear. Their hands were holding her rigid, and she felt so vulnerable with only small scraps of clothing on.

Still, she was face-to-face with Francesca and was determined to retain some pride, even if just for the sake of the centuries-old rivalry between Britain and the states.

Jenny looked her captor dead in the eye and said “You can all get your filthy limey paws off me, you dykes!”

Then she spat in Francesca’s face. “And that’s for slapping me, you bitch.”
Fran was incensed. “That’s disgusting,” she ranted. “I’m going to do so much worse to you now, you little whore.”

She dived at the blonde and slammed the near-naked girl to the floor. “Hold her arms and legs,” she ordered the others.

With Jenny spread-eagled, Fran straddled her face. “Got a fat arse, have I, bitch? Well at least I’m not the one who just jiggled it like a stripper in front of everyone. And now you’re the one with my ‘fat’ British arse in your face.”

Under that arse, Jenny couldn’t hear Francesca's jibes because they were muffled by her thighs. Her nose and mouth were smothered by the folds of her pussy, and she was rendered completely immobile by the rest of the team. She was starting to panic and it didn’t help that the rest of theteam were loving what their Queen Bee was doing to her.

Francesca, meanwhile, was loving it. She looked down between her legs at the former cheerleader and twirled the now-shredded bikini top around her fingers.
"So Jenny, how do you like British pussy on your face, you American cunt?"
She couldn’t make out her answer, but the muffled whimpering sent delicious vibrations through her clit.

Francesca rubbed herself into Jenny’s face and felt herself getting wet. She was panting with arousal now, not exertion, and her nipples were hardening under her tight tunic. The redhead loved the thought of coming all over the brassy Yank’s face, but wanted to make her suffer more.

She turned round so she could have more access Jenny’s body and squeezed her nipples viciously. “Stoppit, you’re hurting me!”

“Don’t you get it, Cali Girl? I don’t care. This is payback for all the weeks of showing up late to practice, of letting the team down and ignoring your captain, whilst still acting like you’re better than anyone else because you happened to born in the sodding United States. You’ve got no respect for the team or for the country that bloody gave birth to America, so it’s up to me to teach you some.”

Some of the watching girls cheered at her patriotic speech, and they’d stopped pinning Jenny down now. It was clear that the petite blonde didn’t need to be held any more – she was so utterly broken from the onslaught of slapping, nipple-twisting and smothering that she couldn’t put up a fight. Not to mention the psychological humiliation of being stripped down, forced to dance for them with her tits out, and now having Fran’s pussy rubbed all over her face.

She couldn’t even summon up a sarcastic quip as the redhead pulled her bikini bottoms down, revealing her pussy to the room.

“Oh,” said Francesca, as her neatly waxed pubic hair was revealed, “I seem to have lost a bet in the locker room. I was so sure you weren’t a natural blonde, but I guessed right that you’d have a Brazilian going on.”

She tickled Jenny’s pussy hair, and giggled as she closed her legs.

“No no no, Americunt, keep your pins spread. My girls want to see your pretty pink pussy all spread out like a centrefold.”

Fran was getting drunk on power now. I don’t even care if this is wrong, the stupid cow deserves it after slagging off me and my country, she thought to herself as she exposed the girl under to the watching group. She could tell they were shocked, but still loving seeing Jenny get her comeuppance.

“Why are you doing this?” Jenny asked weakly. Francesca smirked. “For Queen and Country, of course. But you need to shut up now.”

She stuffed Jenny’s wadded-up undies in her mouth, loving the sight of the American flag covered in her spit and tears.

“Oh,” Francesca added. “You called me a dyke. I’m not, but you’re going to wish I was, because a lesbian might be a lot nicer when she fingerfucks you.”
With that, she slipped one finger between Jenny’s bare pussy-lips.”Oh God, you’re even wet!” she gasped.

Jenny was trying to wriggle away again, but the half-fearful, half-fascinated dance team weren’t ready for their little show to stop, and held her still. Soon Fran was working two fingers inside her sopping folds, and Jenny was moaning through the panties wedged in her mouth.

She was bucking and trying to close her legs, but whilst she was utterly wrecked, Francesca felt like a queen. She was on top of this Yankee bitch, back on top of her team, and on top of the world. That
was when she dragged Jenny’s hair back and forced her to look in the mirrors.

“Do you see how totally used and humiliated you are? This is what happens when you piss off a Brit, you stupid American slut.”

Looking at the tears running down her own face and the bruises on her tits, Jenny could only nod in agreement. She’s right. I’m a mess and I’m in tatters, just like my bikini and the US flag.

It was only after Jenny admitted Great Britain’s superiority and apologised to Francesca and the team that they let her up and bundled her, still naked, towards the gym doors.

“But you said you’d give me my clothes back!” Jenny squealed.

“They’re all ruined. You’ll have to make do with this instead.” Francesca passed her the Union Jack that the team took to international competitions.

And that’s how Jenny fled the gym, insanely grateful to have a British flag to cover up her sore, used body.

For the latest from The Catz Review & Catfighting UK then please check out Honour May vs Pandora - The Rematch - 4K

Our next update gives hard-core catfight fans the opportunity to sponsor a rematch between Kitty & Pandora. This will be a “no way out” style catfight. Check back soon for more details of what we mean by, “no way out!”

Monday, 6 November 2017

Adult glamour model vs fitness babe!


This time it’s different, this time it’s for real, this time Honour May has been practicing…! 

Please check out the Honour May vs Pandora - The rematch – preview –

The catfight starts with both ladies stripping off and then meeting in the middle of the mats (which is typical of a Catz Review production). As soon as I say, fight, Honour May takes a few of Pandora slaps and immediately goes for the busty brunette’s hair. Down on the mat Honour May uses her legs to take control and, even though Pandora fights back, tweaks the busty brunette nipples on several occasions. No sooner had Pandora fought off Honour May’s an initial attack, than she finds her opponent’s arms and legs wrapped around her back. Temporarily helpless, Pandora struggles to keep Honour May away from her tits!

Again, Pandora struggles to fend off Honour May as the adult porn star continues to make our fitness babe look like a helpless busty brunette! At last, Pandora somehow manages to pin Honour May to the mat. Just when you thought it must be all over, somehow, Honour May uses the strength in her legs and arms to push herself up and out of the pin, however, Pandora is smart enough to hold on to her tormentor’s hair. 

1 of these 2 ladies starts off the 3rd round extremely fast. No sooner has her opponent sorted out her feet than she finds herself rolled up into a ball; trapped & helpless - only option is to tap out!

Fantastic action throughout this hard-fought & hard won catfight!

This production was brought to you by The Catz Review & Catfighting UK - Where we lead others follow.

Buy Now -

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Coming Soon - Honour May vs Pandora


As per usual Honour May turned up at the studio oozing confidence. The young lady certainly enjoys giving you fans an in-depth interview before her fights. She is intending to wear something very sexy in this particular catfight against Pandora. In fact the sexy young pup intends to outdo Pandora in the sexy lingerie department. I didn’t have to spend much time with Honour May to realise that the young lady is very much looking forward to this catfight, & naturally would love to win for you fans!

Honour May


Pandora is also looking forward to this catfight. She knows how fast and how wriggly Honour May is in a fight & that the young glamour model is literally lethal with her legs! She knows that if she gets caught by her opponent’s legs then a humiliating defeat will be the most likely outcome for Pandora who still considers Honour May to be a novice.

We hope to have a video preview ready for you upon release of this rematch!

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Catfight - The teacher vs the pupil


I wasn’t sure that Honour May not quite ready for a full on catfight. Or at least, that’s what I assumed. The confident sex kitten admitted that she had never been in a fight before, but she had been training very hard and that she was, “hoping to win.” 

We decided to do a 3 submission fight so that Honour May would get the opportunity to learn different types of submission moves. Naturally we started off as normal; with both ladies stripping off down to thongs, before meeting in the center of the mats & giving each other a confidence stare. Oozing confidence, Honour May stood her ground and engaged Pandora in this test fight. Talk about, the fast & the furious; all hell broke loose as both ladies went for one another like to cats in an alleyway!

Honour May Interview -

Feeling threatened, Pandora went straight for a submission move which left Honour May hammering the mat in submission. This did not shake the new ladies confidence 1 little bit, because in the next round the new sex kitten went after Pandora intent on revenge……. 

You will have to watch the fight in its entirety in order to discover whether Honour May forces Pandora to submit, & makes it 1 – 1. Someone eventually wins 2 submissions to 1. Will it be Pandora, or will the new lady produce a massive upset!?

As regards to the outcome, all I will say is that the young lady impressed me so much that I invited her back to take on Pandora in a proper, no excuses, catfight!

Clips4sale   -

Kitty - “Gonna squeeze those perky fake tits and make her scream haha xxx”

Pandora -