Monday, 21 May 2018

The Catz Review - Eve to fight The Boss?


Eve is new to The Catz Review but is no stranger to physical combat. The new lady is only 5’2” tall, and, a dress size 6! In UK terms that makes her a very small lady. But as history has shown throughout the years that small ladies make the best fighters - Pandora being a recent example, and Miss Dynamite being the ultimate example!


Eve intends to take on The Boss in a topless catfight. The Boss is 5’4” tall and a dress size 8. I’m just hoping that the young lady knows what she’s going and will prove to be mentally tough enough to stick around. After all, catfighting is not just about physical strength; it’s also about mental strength - the will to win, not giving up when all seems lost etc.

The Boss


Alice is threatening to make a comeback and fight one of the other Catz Review ladies.

On a different note: if you like sexy glamour models, then check out Rara in this preview below. And if you wish to purchase the 4K version than please check back as we hope to have it available to purchase soon!

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Montse vs The Boss - Intense hair pulling catfight


Montse being a genuine Spanish lady meant that we had to use modern technology to translate the fight rules to this feisty lady. This is something I always do it again even on the day. With that done, we got going with both ladies disposing of their tops & stepping into the middle of the mats where they pause momentary to give each other a good stare.

The Preview -

In the vast majority of our catfights there is a lot of hair pulling, this one is no exception! Both ladies go straight for each other’s ponytail after a brief exchange of slaps, before going down onto the mats where both ladies slap hard and keep a firm “grasp” of each other’s ponytails. What with the occasional nipple tweak thrown in, this is the overriding theme throughout the 1st round.

Round 2 starts off with The Boss reminding me to keep an eye on the time! The cheek of The Boss! Back to the action, and it’s fair to say that both ladies start off incredibly aggressively in this round. There is no quarter asked and no quarter given as both ladies go straight for each other’s hair while tumbling back down onto the mat. The Boss is being forced fight a rear-guard action as Montse is continually pushing forward. Both ladies managed to get in nipple tweaks in this intense round. At the end, both ladies stockings are severely laddered.

Montse is in such an aggressive mood at the start of the 3rd round that she can be clearly seen snarling at The Boss! The action very quickly goes back down onto the mat. At this point both ladies are feeling the pace, but the more determined lady turns to screw and quickly takes advantage of her tiring opponent!

Clips4sale studio -

With the fight ended and both ladies feeling extremely hot and exhausted, we quite naturally keep on filming as The Boss & Montse strips down to their thongs and lean out the window for some fresh air! 

This is 3 rounds of growing catfight action! Lovers of intense hair pulling fights will enjoy this particular catfight!

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Catfight - England vs Spain


Coming May - Montse vs The Boss is a topless catfight. It features Montse, a Spanish adult model who enjoys kickboxing when she is not modelling. Feisty and determined, Montse is convinced she has what it takes to beat The Boss in a Catz Review topless submission catfight. The Boss knows her opponent has a weight advantage. She is just determined not to get beat in this England vs Spain catfight!

Warm Up -

Montse - Interview

Warming up!

The Boss


A preview of the action should be available upon release in May.

Would you like to see Lou in action? –

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Nasty bitch fight - Scarlett vs G Star - The Rematch

Nasty bitch fight - Scarlett vs G Star - The Rematch - Released!

This rematch is unfortunately only a few minutes long. As the attempted rematch got out of hand this catfight had to be stopped. While it lasted the action included hair pulling, nipple tweaks & wedges, nudity & plenty of verbal!

Other bitch fights include: Ulyana vs G - Star -

Scarlett vs G – Star -

Kitty vs Pandora -

Kitty vs Pandora - The Rematch -

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Lightweight Title Catfight UK

Lightweight Title Catfight UK!

Those of you who have already purchase the “No Way Out” catfight (produced by The Catz Review) will know just how exciting & intense the action is, what with both ladies dominating at certain points throughout the match. If you haven’t purchased this catfight yet but are thinking of doing so, then please check out more pics of the action below -

There is a lot of mat action in this particular catfight

Kitty breaking through Pandora’s defences!

Both ladies holding on tight!

Pandora caught by Kitty’s legs!

Tits get squeezed!

And this is just some of the action that happens in the 1st round! You could argue that round 2 & is more intense - round 3 is extremely brutal and very unpredictable in regards to who is going to win this No way out title catfight!